Unique handmade goods made of birch bark

We produce exclusive products made of birch bark - natural material from Finland.

We create a unique product

We use the high-quality top layer of birch bark to make our products . This unique natural material is rather flexible and at the same time durable. Birch bark has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial characteristics. Thanks to  these properties  birch bark becomes a unique material good for a variety of industries.

100% natural

Birch bark is a 100% natural product. Products made of birch bark are environmentally friendly. No trees were cut down intentionally.

Water resistant

Birch bark is a waterproof material, which resists decay and cold.


This material is readily biodegradable. You can just throw it into organic waste after removing all additional elements.


All products are handmade. We use extra equipment to cut and produce our products, but there is no automated mass production.

Made in Lapland

All our products are made in Lapland. Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland rich in natural resources.

About company

My name is Dmitrii Bastrykin and I am a managing director of Birch Pack company. We make really wonderful and handmade souvenirs from birch bark. All products are handmade in Tervola (Finnish Lapland). 

I was really impressed and inspired by the beauty of nature after moving to Lapland. I wanted to share these emotions with other people and for these reasons I decided to start my own business.  I started to make different goods from birch bark, such as magnets, coasters, christmas ornaments and other. These products are pretty durable, high-quality, natural and exclusive. 

Working process

Our company uses environmentally friendly, waterproof, biodegradable and really unique birch bark material to make our products. We use manual work in every production cycle and at all stages of production, since the production of birch bark cannot be automated today and probably won’t be automated in the future too.

It is possible to make different products from birch bark with any personalization and in any shape you wish. We  create a new process for each request, carefully working on the details. Each product is a new manufacturing branch that has its own features. Despite this, all our working processes are well-organized, thus we can handle large orders and easily design and carry through new ideas.  

Our clients


Our team is introducing new products based on our own unique designs on a regular basis. For example, we make handmade fridge magnets that outperform any Chinese fridge magnet in quality and design.

Here you can see some examples of products made of birch bark.

Industries we work with

Our mission is to bring this unique material in many products that surround us in daily life. We want our society to become less dependent on plastic and its derivatives. The issue of sustainability and aesthetics is key to our business.

We are happy to work with a variety of industries and provide such solutions that meet different needs.

Food industry

Our company can make labelling and packaging for your product. Birch bark material is perfect for those brands who want to emphasize naturalness and premium quality of their products.


Beauty companies which are focused on health and nature-friendly products can also get their message across birch bark labelling and packaging.

Clothing and accessories

Add the finishing touch to your clothes or accessories by means of birch bark brand tag. Such tags can certainly highlight your products among others, pointing to the uniqueness and premium quality of your products.


Birch bark is a very flexible and pleasant to touch material so it is well suited for use in the jewelry industry.

Raw material

We can provide you with high-quality treated or untreated birch bark for all your needs. 

Your ideas

These are only the few ideas, where you can use birch bark material. We are always open to new proposals and will be happy to bring your ideas and designs to life.


We currently sell products in the Etsy online store and we do not have a reseller. This is why we want to approach you, as I believe our products will fit your product portfolio well.

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